Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NOTD: Orly Oh Cabana Boy!

So this is my first time trying out Orly nail polishes! I picked up 3 shades during the CVS spring beauty clearance sale! I did a haul for all the things I picked up on my youtube channel (I will link it at the end of this post!)

Starting off with the consistency, I was a little shocked by the formula of this polish. I figured because it has a hint of duochrome to it, it would be thin but it was extremely thin. In turn, this doesn't like to stick to the nails well. I found I really had to be careful where I placed this color and had to make sure I didn't use too much so it didn't bleed outside my nails. I think I painted more skin then nails this time haha.

While I'm not a total fan of this specific formula, I think the color is gorgeous. The color you see in the bottle is exactly what you get on your nails which is honestly really rare! So I gotta love Orly for that reason. The duochrome metallic sheen does transfer to the nails! This is a beautiful bright hot pink magenta color. It is definitely eye catching! I think it is perfect for this time of year! This looks beautiful on the nails and I can't wait to try it out on my toes because it'll look amazing!

I almost passed up this color honestly. It was the first one to catch my eye but I thought "now will it really look that impressive on my nails?" and it really does! This isn't a dud nail polish. You do need two coats to achieve the look you see in the bottle but that isn't a big deal. While I'm not the biggest fan of this formula, I think this polish is definitely worth it! Can't wait to try out my other Orly nail polishes!

What is your favorite nail polish brand? I would love to know because I am working on collecting polishes for a giveaway on my youtube channel! Feedback wanted!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

L'Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur: Review!

I'm going to start off with a mini disclaimer, letting you know I purchased this to use as a primer for under my foundation. So just keep that in mind as you read this post!

I tried a sample of this in a magazine a while ago and was super impressed from the little I got to try, so I decided to pick up a smaller sample size of this before splurging on the full size. It retails for almost $20, so that is an awful steep price for something I just wanted to try out before committing to buying it.

•Instantly blurs lines, wrinkles and pores
•Specially formulated with a distinctive cushiony texture
•A finishing cream in the truest sense
•Helps to reduce your skin's natural signs of aging
•Apply after cleansing your face and moisturizing your skin
•Leaves your skin with a youthful appearance
•Tightens pores, reduces wrinkles
•Broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen
•Features Opti-Blur Technology
•Give your skin a youthful appearance
•Combat the visible signs of aging

That is an awful lot of claims, don't you think? Well let me tell you about my experience. When I apply this to my face, it instantly makes a perfectly smooth surface for my foundation to go on. I would agree with the blurring affect for the most part. It doesn't make my lines, pores, anything diminish in appearance. It is like it fills in those areas and makes everything smooth. However, it does provide such a nice canvas that I can go over pores and lines without them causing a problem. Cannot see pores as easily under my foundation, and the lines under my eyes do not cause a problem when I try to apply concealer under there. I like the texture of it, makes my skin feel super soft. I would say it makes my skin look more youthful which I love ha even though I am only 19 :) I love that this includes SPF so it is also protecting your skin!

Overall, using this as a primer, I am highly impressed. I will go ahead and spend the $20 to repurchase this, it is spectacular. It makes such a difference when I apply my foundation. My skin just looks so much better when I use this. Highly recommend this if you are looking for a great primer!

Have you tried this? Do you like it? What is your favorite face primer?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

ELF Mineral Moisturizing Lip Tint: Review & Swatches!

SPOILER ALERT: Rave review :D This is my favorite lip product I have ever tried to this very date. I don't know why I haven't reviewed these before but I definitely want to because I think more people need to try them out!

First off, these come in 8 colors. I only have two right now, Rose and Natural, but I plan to purchase the other 6 the next time I am on

- Glide onto your lips like butter
- Moisturize your lips all day
- Good color payoff for being a lip tint
- Taste like sugar if you lick your lips
- Contains an SPF of 8
- Sleek black packaging
- Hmm, if you made me think of one, it would just be that they do not have a yummy smell. That isn't even a huge problem though!
- I can only find these online, not at my target stores :(

I seriously bring these with me wherever I go. They are the most carefree lip products I own, but they give amazing color payoff for being a lip tint. They make my lips feel and taste great!

If you are a fan of moisturizing lip products that have great color payoff to them as well, please try these out! I like these much better then my Revlon lip butters, Maybelline color whispers, all of those. These are where it is at.

I could rave on and on for hours about these, but please just give em a try! I promise you shouldn't be disappointed!

Rose, Natural

Would you like to see lip swatches? Please leave a request in a comment below and I will post a picture on my instagram @thatfitbeauty. Otherwise just request it directly on my instagram page so I can see it easily!

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog! I am going to throw this in here so if you are reading you will know, I am going to be doing a giveaway of these lip products on my blog in the future, but you will need to be following me in order to win so if you would like to give these a try, make sure you are a follower of my blog so you can get the chance to win these! Have you tried these? What did you think? Favorite moisturizing lip product? Please let me know!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation: Review!

This is a product that I had used for quite a while and saw it sitting around in my collection and thought I was definitely educated enough on this to go ahead and review it for you all! I love Rimmel so much, they rarely disappoint me, but I must say this isn't my favorite product by them.

Applicator: I'm starting off with this because this is definitely a highlight of this product. It comes with an amazing spatula applicator that makes it very easy to scoop out just the right amount of product. It is also nice because when you come to the end of the bottle you can really scoop out every last inch of product which I personally love.

Application: Now let's talk about how it applies. This claims to be a lightweight formula. I beg to differ. This is a thicker foundation, which is nice if you like that kind of formula. However, I feel it doesn't provide enough coverage for being as thick as it is. It also definitely does not feel lightweight on my skin. It really does feel like I have a mask on. If I touch my face throughout the day, I can still feel tackiness even if I set it with a powder. Because it is so heavy, I also find it particularly hard to blend. Not an easy foundation to work with. And not lightweight.

Claims Okay, so you know I do not stand behind the lightweight formula claim already. This also claims to be 100% poreless. Mmm honey not even in our dreams. Since it is so thick, I think this actually accentuates my pores. No thank you, Rimmel. Now it is fragrance free which I do agree with, it doesn't have a weird smell like some foundations can so that is a plus. Fragrances can sometimes irritate my skin so I appreciate that part of this product. I feel this still, however, did break me out though. *sigh*

Look on skin: I already brushed on this a bit, but I feel like this foundation is very visible on the skin. It can be hard to blend making it hard to blend around the neck area so beware if you like foundations you can just slab on in a hurry and not have to worry about that.

I think I covered all I need to with this. I definitely have tried better foundations, even from Rimmel, so I would say you should go ahead and pass on this one. If you want a good Rimmel foundation, try the Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation. I am going to be trying out more Rimmel face products soon so I will definitely be reviewing those as well. If you have recommendations, please let me know down below!

Random Tid Bits
- Severe weather is out and about in Minnesota right now :( go away. But loving the rain we are currently getting! We need it!

- Spent the day mowing grass and seeding the lawn so the rain is much appreciated!

- Went shopping at the drugstore yesterday in honor of my amazing work promotion WOOP WOOP so I will be filming a haul tomorrow that will be up sometime this week! Reviews on products to come!

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Share your blog links with me down below :) Along with your daily tid bits ;)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shop My Stash: 5/16/13 + Bonus FOTD!

Okay girls, so originally this post on my blog was named what's in my makeup cup, but then I decided to just go ahead and name it shop my stash like everyone else does. Being a follower I guess :P I gotta admit, this was the first time I truly had fun shopping my stash! Before I was just picking out products for the sake of using them up, but this time I picked out products I just haven't used in a while and I am truly excited to use them again! Let's go ahead and see what I picked out! Disclaimer: I have a lot!


Wet n Wild Perfect Pair Eye Wand - Can't remember the exact shade name I have this in, but the number is 112. I feel like it was called java something, but I could be completely wrong! This is an cream shadow / eyeliner wand that is really pretty, I just haven't used it. I swatched it and was amazed by the beauty. Dang. Want to redo my makeup like right now.

Physicians Formula Luminous Matte Shadow in Baked Soufflé - I wanted to do a matte eye today so I picked this out and omg. I fell in love with the way this looked on my eyes. The consistency of these shadows isn't amazing, but if you have patience you can get a really amazing look. Love love.

ELF Mascara Primer - I never grab this because I am usually too lazy to do an extra step. I like this primer better then the Lancôme one I used a while ago. This coats your lashes and really provides a nice base for your mascaras to grab onto. I let it dry 3/4 of the way and then apply my mascara and I find that works the best. It doesn't leave whiteness to my lashes or make them look gray. It really does help make your mascaras work a little better, make your lashes look better. Need to use this more. I'm going to review this fully soon.


Wet n Wild Nouveau Pink - Gorgeous fuchsia pink color that will look great now that it is spring and summer. Wasn't crazy about this shade when I bought it simply because it was out of my comfort zone but my goodness this is pretty! Can't wait to wear it!

Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake - Really pretty color, pulled it out again because I don't have that much left of this product and I feel I might as well use it up. While it is really pretty, I feel I have other things in my collection that are close enough to it that I won't miss it that much when it is gone.

NYX Mega Shine Gloss in Beige - I LOVE how this looks with the Revlon lip butter! They are a great match. I love this lip gloss on it's own, but I thought I would pull it aside to use with that lip butter.


Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation - MY OBSESSION. My favorite makeup item right now. Hands down. This makes my skin look so glowy and fresh, I just can't rave enough.

Neutrogena Concealer for Eyes - Keep mentioning this just because I want to use it up. Like now. Nothing too special.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer - I forgot how much I liked this. I really do think it is amazing. I can use this on it's own and my under eyes look so much better. Definitely a rediscovered love.

Covergirl + Olay Concealer Balm - I am loving this concealer right now. I can use it on blemishes, redness, under my eyes and it works flawlessly. I should be using up more concealers before this one but I just can't put this one down!

Benefit Watts Up Highlight - I really do like this. I just get lazy with highlighting and if I am in a hurry, I will skip this step all together. With summer just around the corner though, I feel I need to use this a ton now because it makes the skin look beautiful.

NYC Blushable Crème Stick in Berry New Yorker - I really have been enjoying this cream blush shockingly. I pulled this aside especially though because I think it will look gorgeous as a base for my Tarte exposed blush.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Exposed - I just got this off when they had their 20% off sale (still going on through the 17th! Check it out!) and I love it! I included it in here so I could really use it a lot and get a feel for if I truly do like it more over time.

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso - Really pretty blush, I'm just not a real big blush person as of now. I want to use this more because I think it is very appropriate for the seasons we are in / about to be in.

So that is all the products I pulled aside. I'm exciting about them all :)

Now, bonus FOTD :)

Picture featured on Instagram! Follow me! @thatfitbeauty

I used the Physician Formula Baked Soufflé trio + Wet n Wild Mega Liner + ELF Mascara Primer + Maybelline the Rocket on my eyes!

So that is all for today. Hope you enjoyed this post!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Covergirl + Olay Concealer Balm: Review!

Hello girlies! Today I am back with another review for you all! You girls know I picked up the Covergirl + Olay Eye Concealer recently and did a review for you all. I was convinced I would like that product more! Boy, was I wrong! This will be my most straight forward review ever.

Before I even picked up the eye concealer, I decided to give this one a try since it was slightly cheaper. I am trying to give Covergirl a chance again finally. I used the brand for foundation, powder and such when I was younger and it would break me out so bad! So it is a miracle for me to be purchasing from them again.

I am a concealer junkie. I would take concealer over foundation any day! Concealer is just so quick and easy. So I like to try tons of concealers. I will have to take a picture of my most recent concealer drawer. My lanta. I'm a hoarder.

Now onto the review of the Covergirl + Olay Concealer Balm!

This is the most effortless concealer I think I have ever used. You barely touch your skin with this and it distributes product right away. It is a thicker concealer, that is super easy to work with since it is combined with the Olay moisturizer. It never goes on cakey. It just gives a ton of coverage without making a blemish or dark spot more apparent. It hides em!

What I like this most for though is under my eyes. I just run it along my under eye area and dab dab dab for probably 3 seconds and it is good to go! I wouldn'tn need to set it with a powder but I still do but regardless it doesn't crease on me! It is just remarkable.

I could rave on and on about this but I really don't feel the need to! All you need to know is this concealer is thicker but isn't cakey. Doesn't crease. Doesn't break you out. And it is the easiest concealer to work with in the world!

Whatcha waiting for? I think you should go pick this up right now!

Have you tried this product out? Did you like it?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup: Review!

I'm a little behind on the bandwagon for this, but I was planning on reviewing this months ago. However, I am glad I waited because once I rediscovered this, I fell in love! I don't have pictures to share with you guys this time because my lid is broken and won't screw onto the product fully and the packaging got messy so I just didn't want you to see my makeup while it is being a hot mess ha.

I'm going to start off by telling you why I didn't like this foundation before. I heard a lot of people recommend applying this with a sponge so I trusted them and started doing it that way. I used it for like a week straight and I wasn't impressed by it at all. I didn't like how it looked on my skin, didn't feel like it stayed well, just wasn't my favorite.

Now, my thoughts have completely changed. I pulled this out my collection because I was like oh this is so bulky and takes up so much space, I just want to use it and get rid of it. I am so glad I did!

This time around, I used it with a brush (I used the sigma f82) and it went on flawlessly! It made my skin seriously look good all day. I was astonished! I tried applying it with my hands, with sponges, everything before and I didn't like how it looked at all. Just by using a brush, I fell in love with this product. I didn't want to use a brush initially because it is a heavier foundation and I just didn't think a brush would appreciate using this product. I seriously can't get enough of this now.

Consistency: This is definitely a heavy whipped creme. You can turn the product upside down and it won't budge. However, it doesn't look cakey or feel heavy on the skin once you blend it out. It is actually very lightweight feeling in my opinion! It makes your skin feel very smooth once it is worked in. It is easy to work with if you use a brush. I thought it was harder then heck to work with when I used my hands, and using a sponge just wasn't impressive either.

Staying Power: I use a setting powder with every foundation I use, but when I do set it my makeup either lasts all day or I do not have fading until after like 8 hours which is great in my opinion. Not sure how it performs with a powder, sorry! I get too nervous to wear makeup that way.

How it Looks: I honestly get a lot of compliments on my skin when I wear this! And that makes me feel great because I don't always get compliments on my skin. It does give a nice airbrushed finished when I use a brush. Once I am done using the brush, I just quick run my hands over it to make sure it is all smoothed out and my skin looks great.

I am really glad I started using this again! I am completely impressed with this foundation now. I haven't reached for anything else since, which is seriously a miracle! I can see this becoming a holy grail product for me! I definitely recommend this for foundation! Don't let the texture scare you! This is available everywhere Revlon Cosmetics is sold!

Have you tried this? Which way do you like to apply this the best? What is your current favorite foundation?

Monday, May 6, 2013

L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream: Review!

Ohhhhhh no no nooo. I don't believe I have ever started a blog post out like that. This time I had to. I will say right off the bat: fair skinned girls: BEWARE.

Girl, I didn't even buy this product. I had received 3 samples of this at random times, from ulta and what not, and decided to try it out. NO. Just no.

This comes out as a white liquid from the start. Right away I began to become nervous. I started applying it to my face and wanted to cry. Holy crap. Instant orange face! It looked like I had received an awful spray tan. The worst part, it kept oxidizing, and got worse as time went on! Really, L'Oreal?

Look at that. That simply is not acceptable.

Putting that all behind, I will start telling you more about this product.

It starts off white with a little bit of a gritty texture. The gritty texture doesn't irritate my skin though, and I am very sensitive. As you start to blend it in, the color slowly starts to "match" your skin, and then all of a sudden BAM it is a whole new color in .03 seconds. I actually felt this was sort of hard to blend, especially when I had to go over spots multiple times. It began feeling cakey on my skin. Kay girrrrl, this is a BB cream! Not even a foundation. It should not be even relatively cakey. Unacceptable.

How does it look on the skin?
While this is "cakey", it also made me look really shiny. I just cannot understand this product.

Not a fan of this product. There are definitely better bb creams on the market.

Sorry for being so rude against this product. I just want to tell you girls exactly how I feel about products! I will never lie to you girls! Honesty is the best policy :)

If you even a shade darker then me, or much darker and tried this out, what did you think? Let me know!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer: Review!

I have been on the hunt for an under eye concealer for longer then I can remember. Let's be honest; the drugstore just hasn't given us anything to go crazy over yet. The only "under eye" concealer I really like is the Maybelline instant age rewind concealer. I have been waiting for the drugstore to come out with something similar to the bobbi brown one since I started getting into makeup.

I will admit, this product looks amazing all swirled together. Sadly that is ruined after just one use.

I must say, because it has the built in Olay moisturizer, it feels luxurious. This makes it very easy to work with.

This is marketed I also like using this where I have redness and pimples because the color cancels out very well. Under my eyes, my main concern is more under eye veins since I am so pale, and this covers my blue veins well. Does pretty well with dark circles, but it isn't a miracle worker. Now, the problem I do have with this, is it can crease like crazy on me under my eyes! I don't know why. Must be too hydrating. I bought this because everyone was raving about this since it doesn't crease. I have tried using this with moisturizer under it, without moisturizer, everything. If I set it with a powder immediately, it won't crease. On other days, however, it will crease sometimes, others it will not. I cannot tell what I am doing differently on the days where it does crease and doesn't. So I have days where I love this, and days where I don't. Just keep that in mind. It did crease on me at times so don't buy this strictly because you heard it doesn't crease. Obviously, everyone is different.

This comes in a normal under eye concealer and corrector. Concealer comes in four shades and corrector in one obviously. I would say this is a good shade selection for under eye concealer just because even darker skinned ladies can get by with using lighter shades, that creates such a pretty effect.

Now, I have heard some talk that these are being discontinued. And I did pick this up for around $5 at walgreens, so maybe the talk is right. Regardless, I would say if you are interested in this, pick it up fast! I think this product is worth it, even if it does crease. I learned ways to eliminate creasing so it isn't even really a problem anymore.

Have you guys tried this? Do you guys like it? What else would you guys like me to review?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo Limited Edition Summer 2013: TONS of Swatches! Waves of White & Seashore Frosts

I am a huge fan of the color tattoos. They are one of my all time favorite makeup products! I have been dying to get my hands on these since the minute I saw people talking about them. I always have the hardest time finding limited edition things so I was nervous I wouldn't get my hands on these!

Earlier I instagramed this picture :) Boy, was I happy girl when I spotted these :)

I was on the hunt for a Paula Deen cookware set for my mom for mothers day / her birthday, so I was basically jogging through the store to see if they still had the set left I wanted for her in stock. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a new Maybelline display, and saw new color tattoos! I quickly snatched the shade seashore frosts while I was still on the move, and continued on my journey to find her present. Once I had that, I decided I could go back and look at the other shades to see if I wanted more.

I ended up having it narrowed down to about four, mainly three. I was kind of intrigued by the minty shade but decided to pass on it for now. I was debating whether to pick up waves of white, or blue paradise. Blue paradise looked SO beautiful, but I do not wear blue like ever so I went with waves of white.

I spent at least a half hour taking different pictures for this blog post. I am going to include many different swatches so you can really get a feel of how the shades look in many different angles of light. You barely move your hand, and the shades totally change!

Time to examine the beauty!

Waves of White

I found this shade looks better when it isn't in natural lighting. I went into my bathroom to wash off my swatches and that is when I truly realized how beautiful this shade was. That lighting captured the true beauty of it. Wish my camera would have!

Seashore Frosts

I know my pictures are not the best ones out there, but I wanted to include many different pictures for you guys so you can truly tell how different these look at every different angle. I love how they both have duochrome to them, seashore frosts obviously containing more, but these are just all around beautiful shades! I plan on picking up more if I can find them again just because I love these color tattoos, I just restrained today because I didn't want to break the bank all in one shopping trip :P I actually picked them up when they were BOGO 1/2 off, woop woop!

I love color tattoos, and if you do as well, you won't be disappointed in these! I would just say these aren't quite as thick as the original ones, especially waves of white, it is much lighter in consistency. I do not mind though! Definitely pick these up girls! If I do pick up more, I will be sure to swatch those as well!

So what do you girls think? Were the multiple views helpful to you guys? I hope you could tell the real difference as you change angles! Let me know if you liked how I included many different pictures, I will continue to do that if you like it!