Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! Makeup FOTD + NailOTD!

Just doing a quick post sharing with you all my FOTD for Easter! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter if you are celebrating it, and always remember the true importance of this day :)

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation
Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette
Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer for Eyes
ELF Healthy Glow Bronzer
Benefit Watt's Up

NYX HD Shadow Base
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool
Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Kokomo Café in Crease
Wet n Wild Vanity Palette (Dark Brown)
Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Crème Shadow in Techno
Two Profusion shades were randomly used as well L'Oreal Shocking Extensions Mascara

It is so hard to capture colors in pictures, it is much more vibrant in person!

My lips are bare but I wore CoverGirls Watermelon Twist on my lips!


Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@thatfitbeauty), I am going to start posting all of my FOTD's when I wear a new eye look! Be sure to follow me there and I will follow you back, I love Instagram (it's my obsession!) and following others! :)

Have a wonderful Sunday girls :)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Lip Color - Back to the Fuchsia: Review and Swatch!

Okay girlies, back today with a review on the new wet n wild megalast liquid lip colors. I'm sure you guys know, I am a huge wet n wild makeup junkie! I love so many of their products, they are amazing quality and the price tag is unbeatable. They definitely are one of my favorite brands, hands down. So when I see new products by them, I have to try them out!

Claims: Intense liquid color with built-in moisturizer provides one-step application for weightless, ultra-conditioning wear that lasts up to 8 hours. ElastiSilk™ formula combines flexible color adhesion with silky-smooth pigments for transfer-proof, even application. Paraben-free formula conditions and moisturizes with vitamin E that helps promote anti-aging, protects the skin's moisture barrier, and balances the lip's natural hydration for a healthy-looking, plump pout all day.

Let's start out with pigmentation. This is insanely pigmented. The color you see in the tube is what you truly get on your lips. You get full on color with these no doubt. This line contains creams, and frosts/shimmers.

I went to apply this for the first time, and mine didn't even have a doe foot applicator!

Really Wet n Wild? Kind of needed that. Once I got over my frustration with that, I tried applying this to my lips. It goes on nice and creamy and seems like a promising product, for about a minute. Then this product starts to set, which is where my problems come in. I have never had something dry out my lips so badly! Once this sets, my lips feel beyond uncomfortable. When I tried to press my lips together, it felt really tacky and my lips almost got stuck together. This is the worst feeling product in the whole world, and I will go that far. Just saying. I do not agree with all of it's moisturizing claims. It is the exact opposite.

Not sure if you can tell, but this product sets into every line I have on my lip. It begins flaking off the more you press your lips together. You can't lick your lips because then you just feel disgusting all around.

The color is nice, but it's not worth being uncomfortable for.

So my overall thoughts. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. I understand long wearing products need to be a little drier if you want them to stay put longer, but this is not an acceptable level of dryness. It's dry, flaky, everything I do not want a lip product to be. I feel really bad about bashing Wet n Wild this bad, but their formulation with this product just isn't cutting it for me. I would give the formulation a 1 star for sure. Yes, these are only $2.99, but even then I feel this isn't worth it. (I only paid $1.24 for this (bogo 1/2 off plus $1 coupon) and I still feel I wasted money. This product is a no go in my book.

Sorry for the depressing review, I just can't say I like this product. I think the name is adorable, and the pigmentation is nice, but that is seriously it. I would skip this product if you see it in stores.

Wet n Wild has just released so many amazing products, that now I have super high expectations for them. This didn't cut it.

Have you tried these? I would love to know what you think! Leave a comment if you have. What is your favorite long wearing product? I will be back with happier posts soon! (check back tomorrow :))

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Save Money on Drugstore Makeup + Makeup Haul!

Hey girlies :) Who doesn't love a good shopping trip? It's even better when you save money! :) Today I am going to share with you my little tips for how you can save money on drugstore makeup! Hope this helps you out!

Watch my video if you want to hear me explain everything and see what I got :)

Total price I should have paid:

What I paid:

Total savings:

This blog post highlights target. When shopping at target you can stack coupons. That means you can use one manufacturer coupon and one target coupon per item! You can end up saving loads of money. I almost saved half off my shopping trip while buying makeup, not too bad! Just check the target site because they have coupons you can print off and use. The majority of the time, I can easily find a target coupon and a manufacturer coupon for all the items, it is prettty awesome. So you just need to put some time in to print off target and clip manufacturer coupons to save money! I'm all about saving money so I don't mind taking the time to do these things!

What are your favorite tips for saving money on makeup? :) I have more that I will be sharing in future posts!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Cover Girl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm Watermelon Twist: Review & Swatch!

Cover Girl has been a hit or miss brand for me for many years. I use to use their foundation and powder when I first started using makeup, but it broke me out so bad I had to quit. I also use to use their retractable eyeliner for years until I realized I could try many more things. Now, being as interested in makeup as I am, I usually skip past covergirl just because I cannot use many of their face things. I am going to try their under eye concealer soon (praying it agrees with my skin!) but I am more open to try things from them like lip products because they don't break me out (duh :P) So I wanted to give the Jumbo Gloss Balms a try!

These definitely feel like a lip balm on your lips. I don't think they should have included the word "gloss" in the name simply because they do leave a shine, but it isn't nearly what a lip gloss would give you. My lips feel comfortable when I wear these. They do not go sticky or tacky feeling. The color can be very sheer, but it can also be buildable. You can end up with full on color if you would like. While my lips feel moisturized when I first apply it, these can dry out my lips on certain days. The smell isn't detectable to me unless I'm really smelling for it, and then it has that cheap makeup smell, ick. So I'm pretty on the fence with these. It's nice but I'm not crazy about it.

I really like the color I picked though, Watermelon Twist.

The color I chose has nice color payoff, and on my lips, gives me a nice natural every day color.

These are nice for girls who do not like the feel of lipstick on their lips. I don't like these anymore than say the Revlon lip butters though. Oh, and I like the Revlon Balm Stains more than these. These are just okay in my eyes. I wasn't wowed by them, but they are nice! They are worth a shot for under $7!

What did you think of these? What is your favorite "lip butter" "lip balm with color" product?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Current Go To Full Face Makeup: March Edition!

Hello everyone :) I've finally done some makeup shopping so I am exciting to be bringing new reviews your way very soon :) Until then, I thought it would be fun to share with you all the products I have been basically using nonstop lately, at least on the days I am in a hurry! I hope you enjoy this post and if you guys do, I will definitely continue doing each time the products change up!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation: You guys probably remember me mentioning I wasn't crazy about this at first. Lately, I've been really loving it! Not sure why I had a change of heart with this product but I'm glad I did. It gives me coverage that lasts all day. I don't get too shiny while I wear this during the day, and it doesn't wear off so I basically never have to touch it up. I'm pretty impressed with it now.

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette: This product has gotten tons of love from me. Recently, I pulled it out and started using the more salmon toned shade under my eyes and I'm loving it. I just top it off with a lighter concealer and I'm good to go.

Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer for eyes: I reviewed this quite a while ago letting you guys know I didn't like it. However, I have really enjoyed putting this over the Sonia Kashuk concealer because it covers up the salmon color, and really lightens up under my eyes. Such a bonus. This is almost gone though so I will have to switch to using another product soon. Liking this stuff now.

Physicians Formula Talc Free Powder: It has a longer name then that, but if you are interested in this you will be able to find it just by that name alone. I bought this mainly because it was talc free and I am so happy I did. This powder is definitely better than the rimmel stay matte powder. It keeps me matte pretty much all day, only once in a while will I need to blot or touch up my makeup. It doesn't irritate my skin either. I haven't had nearly as many breakouts since using this so I'm pretty happy with that. I did change up my skin care routine as well, so if you would like me to share that with you, I'd be happy to do so!

Benefit Watts Up: I just can't get over how beautiful this is, and how easy it is to use! I just draw it on top of my cheek bones anthen blend it out. Works like a dream! I love the glow this gives my face, and I'm pretty sure I will buy the full size once this runs out.

ELF Brow Kit: This stuff is great. I found the perfect match for my eyebrows and it is so easy to use. I recommend this to anyone who likes doing their eyebrows, even newbies! Top it off with the ELF clear mascara and my brows look great!

My current eyeshadow routine:
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. Urban Decay YDK over top of that. MAC Satin Taupe in the crease.
I love this eye look so much. I am totally obsessed with it. Get many compliments when I wear it! Mascara I use changes constantly, but currently using the Sephora one and Josie Maran on my bottom lashes. Wet n Wild Mega Liner, surprise surprise. Not talking about that anymore :P

Maybelline Color Whisper in Lust for Blush: Perfect every day lip color! Amazing.

So that is all the stuff I have been using religiously lately! Let me know if you like the idea of this post and I'll continue to do them! Next time I will include pictures of my looks, this time I just didn't have one to show this time. What is your current routine?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzer: Review and Swatches!

I know this is an older product and it has already been talked about very much, but I thought I would still go ahead and discuss this product for you guys. Mainly, I wanted to let you know what I think of this product from a pale girls point of view. This can be a very intimidating product for pale girls because the bronzer is pretty deep in the pan, and is swatched as well. Regardless for $3, I wanted to give this a shot and see what I thought! Also keep in mind, this is the original palette they came out with, now named St. Lucia (lightest palette)

Please not that from far away, the bronzer looks orange. This honestly is not the case. The next picture will show you the true coloring better. Just kept this so you could see the packaging.

The bronzer is very smooth, almost creamy feeling (NOT a cream though, just has that buttery soft consistency). The blush is almost the same way, however it is not as soft. It can tend to look a tad chalky when swatched.

The bronzer is crazily pigmented, but the blush is just okay. I am honestly not a huge fan of the blush, has a ton of shimmer in it and I just don't think it looks good on my light skin. The bronzer has shimmer as well, but it doesn't show up as much.

Soooo... fair girls. This is for you.
Can I pull off this bronzer? The answer is yes! I really thought this would be too dark for me but it really isn't. Obviously I have to use a light hand otherwise it will be too dark but this can work for all skin tones. Just gotta play it up or down depending on your skin tone!

So that is good news.

The bronzer does not oxidize, woop. I cannot recommend contouring with this just because it does have some shimmer and I feel only certain people can pull of making those kind of bronzers work as a contour. I just stick to matte! This would be lovely if it was purely matte. I really like using shimmery bronzers as "blushes", I just love that look on myself so that is usually what I like to wear.

I love the packaging. Very sleek, contains a nice mirror inside. It does attract some makeup to it but I really don't mind.

I do not use this all the time, but I definitely think it is worth spending $3 on. You get two nice sized products that will probably last you like forever, and even if one is a bust for you, you aren't out any money! I personally enjoy this palette, and I think many of you would as well. Fan of the bronzer, not so much the blush (beautiful color, too much shimmer).

I hope you enjoyed this little review even though everyone else has already discussed this! Like I mentioned I thought it would be helpful to include what a fair skinned girl thought about this product! What is your favorite blush/bronzer? Let me know down below!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Project Pan Update: March 2013!

Hello beautiful ladies! I just posted my updated project pan video on my channel today! In this video I share with you all the products I used up, and there is a quite a bit! I also include my new ruling for project pan and what I want to continue to use up! I am kind of still on project pan, kind of not at this point. I have a list of things that I still cannot buy, which includes: concealer, foundation, powder, pencil eyeliner, lip balm, body spray, and lotion. Everything else is fair game since I have used up a lot of products! I am not planning on going overboard on buying new makeup, I just am ready to purchase some new things since I got rid of many things from my blog sale and project pan! I'm very proud of myself because makeup is my weakness :P There are a ton of coupons that I want to use soon, so I am probably going to upload a haul on my youtube channel including what I bought, and how I used coupons! If you would like a full post on how I use coupons to get cheap makeup for even cheaper, please let me know in a comment below! I'd love to share that with you guys :)

Here is my newest video!

Jeez, my thumbnails are always so attractive :P

Hope you don't mind, but I'm going to update you a little so you know why I have been MIA lately, hope you don't mind :)

♥ I haven't bought new products so I haven't had many to review lately, obviously.

♥ My boyfriend was with me all last week and we had an amazing time (separated for college - reunited for spring break :D)

♥ My grandpa was pretty sick the same week my boyfriend was here so I had spent a lot of time with him as well!

So if you can't tell, I've been a pretty busy girl! This week is my official spring break, so I will have lots of time to hopefully channel into my youtube and blog, so I will do my best to get new things up for you soon! Hopefully I will accumulate a good amount of products to share with you and review soon! Hope this blog post wasn't too random for you all :P Thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mica Beauty Gel Eyeliner: Review and Swatch!

Sorry I haven't had many reviews for you all lately, since I'm on project pan I haven't been able to buy things. I have finished up a ton of products already though (which you will see soon!) so I've been digging out new products in my collection to use to compensate for the other ones. My wet n wild mega liner is running real low, so I dug this mica beauty gel eyeliner out of my collection and decided to give it a go. I am obsessed with my wet n wild liner, I even made a rule during project pan saying if I ran out of it, I'd allow myself to repurchase it. I haven't used gel eyeliner for so long, so I thought I would give this a try and see what I think.

I got this eyeliner as part of my ipsy bag in February. I honestly had never heard of the brand, but I did some research and am now pretty interested in their products. It seems like they have some nice mineral products that I wouldn't mind trying!

Like I mentioned, I hadn't used gel eyeliner for a very long time, so I was looking forward to using this. I used my nyx liner brush to apply this, and it worked out like a dream! Here is a picture of how it looks on my eyes.

This is a very luxurious feeling product! It glides on like a dream, is so smooth and has a nice rich black color, and stays put all day!

I seriously just barely touched my finger in the product and then smoothed it out for the swatch. Once it sets, it locks into place for the whole day!

I really do love this product. It is amazing! A full size retails for $35, currently $30 on! For such a luxurious feeling product, I cannot complain about the price!

What form of eyeliner do you prefer?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Affordable Makeup Collection and Storage {2013}!

So I am all about saving money. I'm still a college student, so with being unsure when my next move will be, I am not investing a lot of money into my makeup storage. I like keeping it simple and cheap for the time being. Once I finally settle down into a permanent place, I am going to go ahead and spend more, if I feel it is necessary. For now, this is the perfect way to store things for me and I couldn't be happier. Check out my video if you want to see how I store my makeup :)

I love snooping through other girls makeup, and I'm sure some of you out there do as well :)

If you have any suggestions for me as to how you store your makeup, please let me know in a comment below! If you have a makeup collection/storage video, definitely send me a link so I can check it out!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Amanda Seyfried Oscars 2013 Inspired Makeup Tutorial!

Did anyone else feel Amanda Seyfried was absolutely stunning at the Oscars this year? While I loved her dress far more than her makeup, I still felt it would be nice to do a little tutorial featuring her look. I used really affordable things to show you don't need to use the expensive makeup they probably do to achieve a look. You could easily find similar colors in your collection and get a very similar look! Hope you guys enjoy the video :)

Just to update you guys a little bit, I have been really busy lately. And with being on project pan, I am not buying new products I can constantly review. I still have plenty of reviews coming your way soon, so look forward to that. I also will have an affordable makeup storage video up on my youtube channel - very soon! Next week, starting March 11th, I will be missing in action for the whole week, just a heads up! Otherwise I will return right after that and hopefully have tons of new things up for you guys! Thank you for supporting my blog :)